How to Choose the Best Content Offers for Lead Nurturing

The mantra of B2B lead nurturing is “Give before you take.” Free content is the giving part and warms up your prospects to the idea of doing business with you in the future. But not just any content will do. Your prospective clients are being bombarded with massive amounts of content every day. In order to win… Read More »

Why Thank You Pages Are Your Greatest Lead Nurturing Ally

Your lead nurturing campaign is off to a great start: Your emails are compelling. Your content offers are irresistable. And you’re capturing valuable information about your prospects. But what about sales? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of email open rates and content downloads. But without actual resulting revenue, lead nurturing is… Read More »

5 Ecommerce Email Campaigns to Grow Customer Loyalty

Did you know US retailers on average need to attract 5 new shoppers to equal the revenue of one faithful customer? Your repeat customers are 9 times more likely to purchase compared to new shoppers. Obviously, loyalty email marketing campaigns should be high on your list of priorities! Your best customers deserve to be thanked, rewarded, inspired… Read More »